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Humboldt Marten Predators



Who’s eating Humboldt martens? This WCI project in southern Oregon is working to discover just that. Why? Because the population of Humboldt martens is small and isolated in the United States. In fact, the species is listed as federally threatened and endangered in California. By identifying the exact diet of the Humboldt marten’s natural predators, researchers and forest managers will be able to improve species conservation and restoration opportunities.

Preliminary Research

Between 2019 and 2021, the research team collected, identified, and analyzed scat in southern Oregon from the predators and competitors highlighted above to learn what they had eaten and quantify their risk to Humboldt martens. Since then, the scientists have been summarizing diet data.

What’s Next?

The researchers will share early results when they become available while they continue to write multiple species-based natural history papers for publication.

Conservation Success Starts with Keeping Forests Intact

We all have a hand in ensuring conservation of wildlife. When we purchase wood and forest products, we support the sustainable cycle of growing, harvesting and replanting that keeps our forests as forests. Thousands of species call working forests home, and many species thrive in actively managed working forests.