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Wood Turtles: Conservation Considerations for Forest Landowners

March 25, 2024
Wood Turle

A new WCI resource provides insights and recommendations to benefit wood turtle populations within and around working forests.

This download covers:

  • Wildlife-Friendly Practices: Find specific forest management practices that are not only compatible with but beneficial for wood turtles.
  • Strategic Timber Harvesting: Learn how to time harvests to minimize disruption to wood turtle habitat.
  • Mitigating Vehicle Risk: Implement strategies to reduce harm to wood turtles from vehicular traffic.
  • Turtle-Friendly Stream Crossings: Whether upgrading, replacing, or installing new structures, get helpful guidance on materials and design.
  • Nesting Area Enhancement: Transform excavated areas and former gravel pits into valuable nesting sites for wood turtles.

Voluntary, collaborative conservation is delivering results for wood turtles. Sixteen organizations collaborated to develop these recommendations for forest managers to support wood turtles.

Collaboration and education are key to ensuring modern forest management benefits wildlife like wood turtles. Download the resource today and join the WCI in implementing smart wood turtle conservation.